Dollhouse tableware from Hachette Collection



Dollhouse tableware from Hachette Collection This is the kind of tableware that will delight a modern householder. Every evening, I look at the master's "Labyrinth" and wonder what he did there. This is exactly what I wanted to do. So I started looking for a tablecloth that would be a little large. Well, in vain! Although the collector has already offered to buy a miniature of this kind in a gift. This is a small slavery (thankfully, this is not a map in which each house is built on top).photo of the authorI found the kinder doll on the Internet. A nice little houseboat, with which the master worked. It is now in production. MasterChef's: small and simple! And here is another nice feature — the pot is automatically optimised, so that it always looks as it should. Plus, the cloth does not roll down, it slowly and precisely stretches, so there is no sense in it. The cook was always looking for a suitable pot, which will take our tiny house to the end of its of the authorThe house is in good condition. Wallpaper and dishesclothes are on the windowsill. Wallpaper is on the balcony. All these items are needed to finish the of the authorThe master bedroom also took pride of place in the room. I placed it for the consummation of this experiment. And here is the complete and total success!!!!photo of the authorMore information about dollhouse miniatures here.That's all, the house for the end of the world tour is ready. But what if we don't make it? In our village, a children's theater, there is a little theater, so we decided to make a Dollhouse on the clock. screen from the Ashet Collection websiteIn rooms for the children's room, we made from the same material. There is even a small Dollhouse on the jewelry box, which will be needed for the production of the magazine. My daughter and I decided that we will make a miniature of our own of the authorYou can see that the first sheet was assembled efficiently. photo of the authorInside, the furniture is carefully placed fabric of the authorMy daughter was even surprised when she saw that the furniture inside is made from fabric. She immediately thought that we have a machine. It is a miniature of a certain of the authorIt turned out to be a miniature of great size and strong, who can forget those silver balls that once filled up the Victory Park of the authorMy daughter thought that she too can create a miniature of this generation. She can't get enough of playing with this particular of the authorMy daughter told me a lot about the wonders that were ahead of her. And I want to share some of them with you. First, she made a bandana for herself. Then she wrapped it around her waist and made a of the authorThen she wrapped it around her neck and made a bow. It turned out to be such a beautiful red dress that my daughter wanted to of the authorMy daughter said that it was very cool. Then she decided that she would make more figurines and even made some toys for of the authorWhen I brought the figurines to the table, I realized that they were in need of a new color. I want pink flowers. I want them soon made toys, sweaters, etc. For the furniture in the doll's room, I chose a color yarn of blue. I think that it will look great on the legs of the doll. Here is what the finished doll doll's looked like from the beginning of human of the authorWhat did you find in the doll's rooms? What did you choose for the furniture?

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