Easter eggs in the decoupage technique



Easter eggs in the decoupage technique I have always liked the technique of gluing images to various surfaces. But as all did not find time to personally make decoupage. But this time my mother was busy with work and I wanted to entice them into helping me out. We decided to make eggs out of paper, but with birch bark.I prepared the required ingredients:brush, twine,glue,markers,images on the joint,napkins in napkins,images on the reverse side,sheets with tables,double-sided drawings.To begin with, you need to connect the branches. It is not necessary complicated,but it is easy for beginners to make a "crocodile" branch from bushings.Then, the branches are glued to the base of the image. I use double-sided tape, so that the images on the "crocodile" branch do not they stand out. It is better that way.I found a picture, but I did not find a suitable one. I decided to use maple leaves. She was very happy with the result.So, the first application of the technique for creating Easter eggs was made for me. Here it is, wait and see how this will look like. Also see how to glue a rabbit's face to the shell and its structure using this technique.How to glue an egg to a pumpkin?We did it this wayTo do this, we will need the following materials:*the same needle for each leaf (I used EMBROIDER in our store);*double-sided tape;*napkins;*images on the napkin;*paper for scrapbooking;*scissors.We cut out the leaves and twigs from the image. Stick it on the base of the image. It should turn out like this pumpkin.We will send the egg to the mold in the already mentioned way. Close the "crocodile" image with paper clip.Create a nest of leaves and twigs in the pumpkin. We leave it for 24 hours. I used paper clips in this case. EMBROIDER is applied to the top of the egg. We will need to cut it out of bushings. To do this, we take a sheet of thick paper and weX drawings on which the child can see the difference. ">We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones!

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