Scrapbooking. Interesting pop-up design



Scrapbooking. Interesting pop-up design Pop-up bookmarks are a type of paper book publications that can be safely used for storing book publications. Therefore, I often buy various bookmarks, which can be safely used for bookmarks storage. But recently I discovered interesting options for storing pop-up images in my wardrobe. And I decided to make one for my husband, who has a book of fairy tales and wonderful photographs in his bag.Pop-up bookmarks available in photos from an old photo album"I've kept for myself several albums, each with its own story", wrote in the style of the fairy tale. I even found a pattern for this album. As you can see, the cover is also colorful. I didn't cover the entire sheet — all four sides are attached with paper. I still have a few photos that are in the album. Read the description of the album here.How to make a bookmark in the form of a dragon print it out and glue it to the sheet paper. I took several sheets of white A4 format. I divided the sides into 4 parts, the largest row the most sheets of paper. As you can see, the resulting paper looks like this:Yandex imagesAs you can see, the resulting pages are brighter than the remaining sheets in the album. It remains only to glue the bookmark to the paper. Now you can practice creating such a dragon from thick A4 sheets. Yandex images First, we take a black marker or pencil and start with the lower part of the page. When the bookmark is glued, we make sure that the white inner part will be the one that divides the album page from the album page. Image attachedPhoto taken from the Internet Imagine how interesting it is to have your book of fairy tales and other publication's turn in your book! Even if you do not collect your books, you can still get new bookmarks each time you type them.Thank you for your attention and interest. We will be waiting for a gift from our readers))))

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