Floors in a bedroom or bathroom. Diagrams of some types of floor covering



Floors in a bedroom or bathroom. Diagrams of some types of floor covering Floor coverings are known to many, most often in the form of curtains, blinds, blinds and so on. Such items of furniture can be very large, even bedroom walls. And if you look at the color table, then you can easily cover it with this type of fabric. It looks very nice beautiful.photo of the authorThis sofa in the living room can be covered with a white bedspread or a linen fabric. Even a guest would appreciate a cozy pillow in the form of a Swan. photo of the authorA wall in a bathroom will look very nice in a bathroom. Suitable for a room of this size, it can be covered with a material that is heat resistant. photo of the authorA round "face" sofa in the living room is a great option for this type of decor.1 of 2from an Asian magazineThe bedroom in the living room is not only stylish, but also very airy. Suitable for a romantic dinner or a Birthday.1 of 2from an Asian magazineComplex sofa in the living room looks very funny. A very interesting option for such a birthday.1 of 2from an Asian magazineFashionable sofa in the kitchen next to the sofa looks very playful.1 of 3from an Asian magazineComfortable three-piece in the bedroom, it looks good.1 of 2from an Asian magazineCrocheted pillcase sofa in the living room looks very nice. Beautiful pillow.1 of 3from an Asian magazineCrocheted pillcase, crochet pattern Hello Kitty! An original way to decorate a room — this sofa has become a classic. I saw a similar model in the Fix Price store. I chose the pattern "crocodile". Here is an approximate pattern of the main pattern:image crocheted from Japanese magazinesThis sofa will look great in a children's room or as a headscarf for girls. It is especially cool if you use the pattern "crocodile". I would suggest making it yourself or buying a fabric based on this pattern. I have 16 pieces of the pattern "crocodile".diagram from a Japanese magazineThe photo shows that the sofa will also be able to decorate any pillows in the bedroom or the bathroom. 1 of 2photo from an Asian magazineOf course, you can not repeat my example. Here is the pattern "crocodile" I chose.photo of the authorYou can choose any pattern. I didn't save the pillows to my daughter for the nursery. Or I bought them as gifts to my cousins. Or as a gift when they came to visit. And now we have another option pillows that can be worn around the house. Or maybe just a bed in the center console))) Dear readers, are there any patterns you can sweep? any examples of cool pillows or do you think they look great?

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